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The Gal-Shvav Group in Profile
The flagship company, Gal-Shvav Ltd, was established in Israel in 1990. Providing expertise to precision manufacturers in the international market, the Company found a niche almost immediately in the rising demand for complete Turnkey Projects.
Before long, Gal-Shvav became a trusted name among leading manufacturers in Israel and worldwide. Today the Israel facility employs a skilled team of 130, offering end-to-end service from R&D.
The Company expanded three years later (1993), establishing Nir Mechanics. The Israeli plant handles sheet metal manufacturing.
Einat Technologies came next, adding the R&D and Engineering skills that earned still more international recognition for the Group. Founded in 1998.
Einat Technologies has special expertise in issues involving optics, robotics, pneumatics.
Since 2003, when Gal-Shvav Inc. was established, the list of satisfied clients has expanded across three continents. 

The names behind Gal-Shvav
Since its establishment, Gal-Shvav has been guided by bold leadership in a fast-growing, competitive field.  Over two decades, the Company acquired a management team with the talent necessary to carry out the Company mission. 

Gal-Shvav Ltd.
Shimon Amar, Founder and Owner.  Established the Company in 1990, after 17 years of experience in managing and operating mechanical fabrication turnkey services for many demanding industries. Special expertise includes semiconductors, electro-optics and medical devices. Goal: to make Gal Shvav the missing link in the profit chain for customers.
David Amar, CEO.  Serving the Company since 1998. Draws on 12 years of experience, which covers everything from hands-on machinist skills to management abilities. Responsible for ensuring Company operations are compliant with international  standards and are updated to keep pace with the industry's growing needs. Goal: to place customer needs first in priority.
Isaac Saul, Co-founder and Production Manager.  Assisted in establishing the Company in 1990. Professional knowledge spans more than 30 years, starting as a machinist on the production floor. Responsible for all facets of production, balancing consistent quality with efficiency.
Alfred Epstein, Vice President.  Joined the Company in 1998. Brought 12 years of experience as both design engineer and production manager in R&D. For the last seven years, responsibilities have included R&D management and technical innovations. 
Ian Matsliach, Operations Manager.  Contributions to Company, since joining in 1996, have demonstrated proven experience in efficient, cost-effective management. Responsibilities include cost-effective management of projects and timely delivery.

Nir Mechanics
Isaac Babbay, Production Manager. Draws on solid management skills, together with technical know-how acquired in hands-on experience with sheet metals, framing and unique machined parts. Responsible for providing a diversity of manufacturing solutions for an equally diverse spectrum of customers.
Einat Technologies
Yuval Mishli, General Manager.  Serving the Company since 2003. Draws on wide-ranging experience as a designer and engineering manager. Specializes in optics, energy and related industries and uses his innate talent to actualize new ideas. Responsible for all aspects of  technological R&D, which includes obtaining CDR, DR and PDR; building prototypes, progressing to mass production, and documentation.

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